How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece!

Many thanks to the seller, he sent me a (starter video). The bike starts and you can hear the symphony from Milwaukee!

It clears up. Contracts are closed. Money wired to US. Definitely it will take some months, until a strange guy in Rosenheim will shout out: Shovel in the house!

Meanwhile I care about the requirements to pass the technical inspection and the registration in Germany. What needs to be modified to be in accordance with the German law? Which kind of documents are required?

I was able to buy an original speedometer on Ebay - with a mph and km/h scale on the speedometer face - for a resonable price. In combination with other documents and manuals, this will be sent by my relatives - living in Maryland - to me.

Regarding the turn signal indicators, tail light and exhaust mufflers, I need to have a look on the bike first. There might be the chance to get the technical approval without to change those parts. The headlight lens needs to be changed definitely. Carburator and air cleaner - non original parts - have to be clarified. Lets eat the elephant - piece by piece.
There is still enough time left, until the bike arrives - somewhere arround end of February 2016.

I've plotted the FXE wold tour route on the map below. From Mauston in Wisconsin 225km hauled by a truck to Milwaukee, hauling further 1400km to Linden at New York - the Harbour on the east coast. The bike will be put in a container - together with others.

Heading eastwards, the vessel jumps over the atlantic ocean - just 6800km to Bremerhaven. The Cargo company will perform the customs declaration within their depot in Bremen. Finally another carrier will haul the bike to Rosenheim - the final 750km. In total - it sums up to 9200km

Maybe, when the bike has its stop-over at his origin in Milwaukee, it might get a feeling of home. Just like the salmons, their also heading back to their origin...
FXE world tour