Wifes! Only wifes can cause this inner unrest in a hitherto balanced husband soul.

I just completed the restoration of my FXE and am very pleased with this tractor from Milwaukee. Everything is fine! Everything fits together!

You and your Harleys! There you can only ride alone!

This sharp sword of the mistress pierces the inner bliss of myself. That's it! No more nirvana anymore!

Immediately, the evolutionary program "I have to fix a problem" is activated. For a men there is no escape - it's chiseled into his brain stem.

Neither a tiny attached passenger pillow nor a flanged sidecar box on the Harley will meet the needs of the lady of the house. As a simple temple servant, I now faced the challenge of restoring my lost toy-wife-balance.

It's November, 2016, when a solution rised on the horizon. Take for the lady a car, for myself a classic car and for both of us a convertible.

Briefly thought about a complete restoration of a classic car and also discarded just as quickly. Restoring motorcycles is a certain challenge, but uncomparable with undertaking a complete restauration of a classic car - this is a lot more effort. If you neither have sufficient space nor a jack lift at home, certainly such a project has to fail.
The key data for a classic car search were thus quickly compiled. Classic car convertible in good condition, up to about 40kEUR and a V8 engine with manual transmission. Oh, and no computer on four wheels please. I think it's not surprising to end up with a Ford Mustang from the 60's. Large V8 engine, with manual transmission, brilliant shape, fantastic sound and fascinating aura. The budget limit would also fit - at least at first glance.

On closer inspection, this adventure appears in a different light. On the one hand, in my opinion, the second-hand market for Ford Mustang classic cars in Germany is completely overheated. Whether the prospective buyers are mostly speculators or real classic car lovers, I don't know. But my gut feeling wasn't good at all. The center of knowledge regarding classic Mustangs is definitely located in the States - there are numerous enthusiasts and experts. Therefore, I assumed that really good offers were not even exported to Europe. And based on my experience with my FXE, I established a certain opinion regarding the aibility of US experts to solve servier technical problems in a quite unconventional an creative way. If you want to eliminate this risk and targeting to buy a well restored Ford Mustang GT convertible from 1966 or 1967 on the German market, then it will be scarce with 40kEUR.

Well, there are still some more possibilities of having a classic V8 convertible. For example, Corvette C1 or C2 Sting Ray - beautiful vehicles, but for such dream cars my purse is too small and my proportions do not fit inside.
But even for our simple temple servant, there was finally a solution. To read further, please click the blue button on the left-sided navigation bar.

Best regards! - Uwe